The Artists

Miriam Mass

Miriam graduated from art schools in Israel and the UK, where she studied mixed media and creative thinking. A 7th generation Jerusalemite, Miriam embodies the life, the history and the art of Jerusalem in her works. View Miriam’s complete collection

Miriam is a multidisciplinary artist; whose artworks are full of imagination and creative openness, that express her inner world by means of complex pieces. These pieces are based on mesh, and are overlaid with colorful fibers and an assortment of other materials, which together create a magnificent texture of conceptual symbols and similes. The mesh conveys a sense of transparency and interplay of light and shadow. This choice is a deliberate one as it enables an easy interplay with the fibers overlaid upon it creating an original language. Using layers of texture on transparent netting, the artist manages to create a special effect of light shining through together with a feeling of depth. Every piece of art conveys imagery that reflects fragments of landscape, parts of plants and flowers, buildings, and segments from a dream-like cosmic map. Each piece of art is one-of-a-kind, thereby creating an impressive effect in the area in which it is displayed. Many of her works have been reproduced in limited edition fine art prints.


Yitzchak Freeman

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Yitzchak grew up in South Africa. After graduating university, he moved to Israel. Yitzchak’s first love was and is sculpture; although he also studied drawing and has exhibited oil paintings. For many years, Yitzchak was a wood worker creating functional artworks and Judaica as well as working in other materials; stone, glass and silver. Some years ago, he took up blacksmithing, fulfilling a childhood fascination with the hearth, hammer and anvil, an ancient craft still being practiced in the same way today.

“Since I can remember I was always the type that creates, breaks and fixes things. I always had a connection to functional art, rather than art for its own sake, although I also paint and sculpt, so I taught myself carpentry, metalwork, stained glass, mosaic and stone crafts, and recently started to engage more with blacksmithing. There is something almost primitive and ancient about heating the iron and hammering on the anvil, that really appeals to me.

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