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Meet the Artist | The Woven Life

You are invited to meet artist Miriam Mass, 7th-generation Jerusalemite, at her home and gallery in the captivating neighborhood of Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. Experience an exciting and empowering encounter with Miriam, as she shares fascinating stories of her life, including changes that she courageously made, thanks to her faith in her ability to listen to core voices and with an affinity to her artwork. Miriam talks of relationships and transitioning between family ties and genealogy, Zionism, Israeli settlements, Hasidic Judaism, internal journeys, and breaking conventions – all of which have left their mark on her artwork and now serve as an internal engine at each milestone of her life. An inspiring story with numerous insights about life that the participants take away with them. This is an inter-generational story about Israelism, Judaism, Jerusalem-ism, femininity, humanity, and art. The Embroidering Life meeting includes a talk and visit to the studio where Miriam works and creates. Visitors can view her artwork, inhale deeply, and enjoy the breathtaking view of Ein Kerem and the Jerusalem mountains. Groups and visitors tell of a fascinating, enriching, empowering, and enlightening encounter. Each visit lasts 45-75 minutes. Up to 40 participants per meeting. Perfect for family events, organizations, VIP groups, and private events.